Rapidol Express

Rapidol Express

Many of us suffer from digestive disorders such as heartburn & indigestion, due to daily stress, heavy meals or simply during pregnancy. Most of the time this is accompanied by a burning sensation in the oesophagus that causes discomfort as well as chest, throat and stomach pain which affects our daily life.

What is Rapidol Express?

Rapidol Express Chewable Tablets provide an effective, fast and long lasting relief from heartburn and indigestion. It is the fast relief for heartburn and indigestion. Thanks to the proprietary compound Phycodol™, it relieves in less than 2 minutes and lasts for up to 4 hours.Peppermint flavoured and sugar free, these handy Chewable Tablets are convenient for daily use ‘on-the-go.

Rapidol Express brought to you by Zantac is available in pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide in packs of 10 and 20 chewable tablets.

How to use it?

For adults and children above 12 years: Chew thoroughly before swallowing. When symptoms occur especially after meals and at bedtime, take two to four tablets. Do not exceed 16 tablets daily. Rapidol Express Chewable Tablets are safe to use during pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

Rapidol Express Chewable Tablets are a certified medical device with its safety and efficacy assessed under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Do not take Rapidol Express Chewable Tablets if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Children under 12 years should only take Rapidol Express on medical advice. Always read the leaflet before use.